Searching for HIGH QUALITY, local resources to improve your daughters skills? Not looking to travel up and down I-70 & I-75 all the time just to do so?

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What is Club Basketball?

Club basketball is a “select” basketball training program for elementary, junior high and high school athletes outside of their school system. Practices are held throughout the week and matches are played in a tournament format on weekends. Most club teams play in 6-10 tournaments throughout the course of this 4-6 month season. The tournaments usually feature round-robin pool play followed by bracketed playoffs. Some tournaments are two-day events and others are three to four-day events. Club basketball is a fee-based program where teams are selected following tryouts. The costs involved with club basketball cover court rental, coach salaries & registration, uniform and equipment costs, tournament entry fees and administrative expenses.

As a PLAYER, what will WE GOT NEXT BASKETBALL CLUB do for me?

  • Increase your skills by improving your productive practice and game time play for peak performance
  • Help you attain your desired goals through high demands and high level training
  • Promote your talent and commitment for the game at the highest level
  • Provide you with quality coaches and direction to elevate your game
  • Develop your aggressiveness, mental toughness and the inner drive necessary to excel at the highest level
  • Give you the greatest opportunity to achieve the goal of a D1/D2/D3/NAIA/NJCAA full or partial scholarship

As a PARENT, what will WE GOT NEXT BASKETBALL CLUB do for me?

  • Will offer you peace of mind knowing you’ve finally found a club to meet all your needs
  • Will give your child the opportunity to get better through consistent high level training
  • Will help your child prepare to play and compete on a “national” stage (exposure)
  • Will create a memorable and enjoyable experience for your child and you as their biggest fan
  • Will teach your child the game and further develop their ability to work alongside motivated individuals
  • Will create an environment conducive to success for your child and teammates to excel
  • Will reserve tournaments and exposure events as it meets the needs and goals of your child’s team
  • Will eliminate the stress of booking travel by making group hotel reservations for teams when necessary
  • Will only have to travel minutes and no longer have to travel hours for the quality skill instruction and programming you’ve been searching for to improve your child’s skills


  • What have you paid in past AAU years for events, team membership, uniforms and hotel fees?
  • Did you get what you expected from your program?
  • Did your program provide the best opportunities for your team to achieve their goals?
  • Did you achieve your goals for yourself and your child?
  • If it cost you in AAU years past over $2,500 for event, team and hotel fees throughout the entire summer was it worth it?
  • If it cost you $2,500 in years past for (4) years but your child received a full/partial athletic scholarship to their choice college, would it have been worth the $10,000 you spent to achieve that goal?

What gender/age/grades do you offer teams for?

WE GOT NEXT BASKETBALL CLUB has EXPANDED and will now be have programming for Girls Grades 4th – 11th (dependent upon numbers per group). Please contact us for more information.

What’s the difference between WE GOT NEXT program and others?

  • We teach the game, not a position!
  • Skill development comes first. We know focusing on it will help you reach your full potential!
  • Winning is a byproduct of doing all the other things right: being committed, working hard everyday, and being willing to get uncomfortable to get good! We will help you develop a sound work ethic that will take you to wherever you want to go.

How much does it cost?

Prices vary by grade so please contact us for more information

Can I pre-register for tryouts?

We will have information coming soon about our 2016 season tryouts so check back often for updates. However, for more information please feel free to contact us as well.


Contact us
Email: wegotnextbasketball@gmail.com 

 COACH: How do I Join WE GOT NEXT?

Complete the Coaching Application and Contact us
Email: wegotnextbasketball@gmail.com 


Email: wegotnextbasketball@gmail.com