Girls – Dayton, OH

Searching for HIGH QUALITY, local resources to improve your daughters skills? Not looking to travel up and down I-70 & I-75 all the time just to do so?

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The following teams are available for the 2022 season:

10th grade  /  11th grade

We will not be fielding the following teams for 2022:

4th grade  /  5th grade  /  6th grade  /  7th grade  /  8th grade  /  9th grade


Who We Are:

  • WE GOT NEXT BASKETBALL CLUB is an Elite traveling basketball program
  • We are a program committed to providing quality basketball instruction to youth throughout the country
  • We are a program committed to providing quality basketball instruction to young ladies along the Interstate 70 & Interstate 75 Highway (Dayton/Columbus/ Cincinnati, OH and surrounding areas throughout the state of Ohio.

    Dayton Ohio 70 and 75

  • We provide opportunities for our youth to showcase their skills and talents throughout the country.
  • Our coaching staff and administration are comprised of former College Coaches, former and current High School Coaches, Club Coaches, Skill Trainers, and a number of others who are committed to helping the program and its participants succeed!

The WE GOT NEXT BASKETBALL CLUB prides itself on:

  1. Being a High School & College Prep program – exposing players to the expectations and intensity level required to play at a high level, teaching them how to make a greater impact on the court in their high school programs and preparing them for playing the game at the collegiate level.
  2. The development of each players overall skill, basketball IQ, athleticism, mental toughness and aggressiveness!
  3. Playing and competing with the strongest competition and best players in the country.
  4. Helping our athletes gain exposure to college coaches across the nation.

We “Teach the game, not a position”


  • We are an organized and structured program
  • We field the best, most qualified, competitive teams
  • We host skills nights (ultimate skill development sessions)
  • We demand the best and most out of you with Elite high intensity training
  • Select teams will travel to events all over the country to extend exposure opportunities to its players & the program itself
  • We are more than just individual teams traveling from tournament to tournament….we are #WGNFamily and form #WGNNation !!!!!! When our teams are together, everyone around knows it!
  • We use our extensive College Coaches Network to Consult on your child’s behalf for opportunities
  • We will work hard to help every participant who desires to play at the next level develop to showcase their talents and gain the opportunity to receive the ultimate prize… ATHLETIC SCHOLARSHIP!


Program Director: Danielle Roe
Program Administrator: Jessica Threats