1st Tourney Weekend complete! – North Coast Cup

 Greetings All,

The opening weekend for our program was phenomenal to say the least. I enjoyed watching our players and parents cheering for one another, our coaches coaching the kids up, and the teams playing hard. I thought all of our teams played hard and competed to the best of their abilities. Although some teams experienced more wins then others, the bottom line is your daughter is getting better and working their tails off.

Special shout out to the “Team Moms” for washing uniforms and ordering pizzas for our teams. I would also like to thank those parents who provided transportation for those who needed rides to and from locations, truly appreciate you guys for that.

I personally received plenty of praises from other parents, coaches, and Coach Mac who ran the event, on how much talent we have in our program and very surprised that in our first year that we already have five teams. Numerous people were curious as to where we were from and how did we put this talent together so fast!! Lets continue to represent the Dayton area with class and respect, as you all know our program is on center stage especially in Ohio.

Special thanks to Taj Thompson for being the spiritual leader of all the teams and spear heading the new chant and catch phrase for the program. The girls really enjoy the pregame chant, other teams took notice. We will have t-shirts made up with the chant on the back of the shirts. Special thank you to John Rowland (Jada’s Dad) for being the official photographer of the program.

Yours In Hoops,

Coach Toliver