Middle School open gym & tryouts announced…

We will conduct the following for 6th, 7th & 8th grade girls:

  • We will host 1 open gym on Monday, February 15th from 6:00-8:00pm. Please contact us for location details.   ENJOY PRESIDENT’S DAY
  • NEW OPEN GYM DATE: Tuesday, February 16th from 6:30-9:00pm at Eastmont Elementary – 1480 Edendale Rd, Dayton, OH 45432
  • We will conduct 2 tryouts:
    • The first date is Saturday, February 20th from 12:00-2:00pm
    • The other date is Sunday, February 21st from 12:00-2:00pm.
    • Both of these tryouts will be taking place at the Dakota Center in Dayton, Ohio. (33 Barnett Street, Dayton, OH 45402)
    • Remember a $10 (cash) non-refundable fee is required to participate

Tryout for MS REVISED

REGISTER TODAY!!!!! http://www.WeGotNextBasketball.com

1st Half a SUCCESS!!!!!

Hello All,

Thanks to every parent and hooper for making our first half of our inaugural season a success! All of the girls have definitely experienced an out of comfort zone experience that I think will benefit them in the long run. We hope to continue our success into the month of July where we will see a high caliber of competition on the road.

I would like to challenge each young lady to hit the weights and the gym to become a better overall player, its very important that they become educated on the importance of taking care of their bodies. Also, take some time off between now and the first of June. Its been a rough road for most because of no time off between their HS season, AAU season and now back with their teams for the HS month of June. Please step away from the game for a few days and enjoy what’s left of any summer for you the basketball player.

We will try to have somewhat of a practice before we hit the recruiting trail in July, we will send out an email when we find out some dates that are applicable for all involved.

Lastly, Shout out to each and everyone of you who have helped uplift me and our program! Thanks for all of your support and wisdom that you bring to the table. Thanks to you, Steve, Joann, Cliff, and my little Sister Jessica…. See you all in July!!!

Yours In Hoops,
Coach Toliver

Indy Gym Rats….Championship Sunday & USA!

Hello All,

It’s safe to say that our teams have been getting it done this spring on the AAU circuit! Our 8th grade team has been rocking and rolling with three championships to add to their resume. The 10th grade Purple has two and our Silver team has two runner ups, that’s something we all should be very proud of. All five teams have represented the Dayton area and WGNBC with outstanding play at some highly profiled events. Last up, the best tournament in Ohio, the always competitive All Ohio Midwest Showdown in Cincinnati, Ohio. Time to lace up and be ready to ball out!

I want everyone to know that Huber Heights stand out and our very own Shai McGruder was chosen to go out to Boulder, Colorado to the USA basketball U16 trials!!! She is one of 32 girls in the United States that received the special invite. There were an additional 100 kids that were selected through an application process. Shai, her mom and her Wayne Coach Sonya Miller headed out there last week for her to compete for a spot at the 6 day event. Congratulations to a special young lady who we all know will make us all proud regardless of the outcome. To my knowledge there is 3 rounds of cuts that she has to survive to make the team, if she makes the team Shai will be leaving early June traveling across the country playing international competition. Shai you do your thing!!!

I was blown away to say the least about the competition and the facilities of the Indiana Gym Rats Club. The comp was highly competitive for every age group. It was more like a museum of Indiana hoops and wall of fame. As we all know the state of Indiana loves basketball.

We again turned some heads and earned some respect from some very well respected club teams. Our 8th grade team as stated above won it all in the Silver division, but more notable they lost by only eight points by All Ohio in pool play. Some say that All Ohio 8th grade team is the best in Ohio. If so, we have a very good team and I’m sure we will see them again. Both the Silver and the Purple teams clashed in an epic battle in the bronze championship game. There were lots of spectators watching the game mainly because it was two teams from the same program battling it out. The game was physical to say the least, the Purple team pulled it out edging their little sisters in a intense battle.

Next up the Midwest Showdown hosted by All Ohio. Like last weekend there will be some very good teams in the building. I hope all the girls are ready to play and represent WGNBC. Please refresh your minds and body to compete one last time before we all split ways until July.

Lastly, Special Shout out to our two youngest players in the entire program Khala Powell (KP) and Autumn Taylor. Both of these young ladies have come so far and have improved immensely. Thanks to their parents for sacrificing playing their own age groups to get better for tomorrow. Shout out to my buddy Rick King, when I am up tight on the bench he keeps me smiling and laughing, and hey where did he learn how to dance?! I see you Rick in the circle with girls. One last shout out to Shai, we are all so proud of you. Good Luck!

Yours in Hoops,
Coach T…

Midwest Explosion: 18-3 overall & 2 Team Championships!

Hello All,

We finished the weekend as a program 18-3 with two Championships, not bad for a program that just started! 

We are on the rise as a program, all of our teams performed at a high level at the First Annual Midwest Explosion tournament this past weekend. All five teams experienced success in the win columns and also, all the teams in the tournament now know who we are and what we represent. I think Ohio knows who we are now, “I know you hear us coming!”

Congratulations to our 8th grade team for winning their Second Championship and going undefeated in two tournaments! This team is so fun to watch, every kid is contributing and getting better which matters most. Congrats to our Purple team for winning the Championship as well. Our purple team started off the season slow, but now is hitting on all cylinders. We knew this team was going to be solid, but we wanted them to figure it out on their own.They finished the tournament undefeated as well. The Silver team finished 4-1 and lost to a very good team out of Brooklyn, NY in the Semi-final.

I am starting to see our players compete at a high level in practice and during games. Our kids are buying into what our coaches are teaching. This past weekend I saw all of our teams play except for the junior squad. Coach Williams team is competing and playing hard, I love what Carmen Williams brings to that team. Our young ladies are doing what is asked of them, sometimes they may not see the fruition of their work but we as coaches see it. Keep working girls!

Shouts out to our new rival team ODU out of Brooklyn!! Both the Purple & Silver teams competed against this group of very talented and athletic girls. Both games were exciting to say the least. ODU and our team took snap shots after the Championship game. Pictures to be posted on the site soon. Also very special “Shout out” to all the moms that came out to support their daughters despite it being Mothers Day!

We have to very big tournaments coming up, we have to prepare and work hard this week. There will be teams from across the country coming to Indiana this weekend and Cincinnati next week. Love and own the big stage.There will be colleges in attendance, Division 1 coaches cannot attend.

Message to our girls:

“Mentality is everything, the impossible isn’t achieved in your comfort zone!”

Yours In Hoops,
Coach Toliver

May begins!

Hello All,

Our 9/10th grade Williams team went to battle this past weekend starting the month of May off in Springfield at Wittenberg University. This is the first weekend that one of our teams participated in a tournament without all of us. Although they are a team mixed of freshman and sophomores they played up in the 11th grade division this tournament. They lost their first game at the buzzer. The girls were hurt by the loss, but excited by the way they played and competed. They won their second game by a double figures and lost on Sunday in the semifinals. Coach Williams team is continually improving and starting to play well at the right time.

As we approach the tail end of the 1st half of AAU season, and the weather is getting a lot warmer please be mindful that staying hydrated and stretching is very important for the body. Also, High School teams are gearing up for their summer program and open gyms will be taking place so please let us know your schedule in the summer so that we can come out and support everyone. I encourage all to always put your High School teams as a first priority; I know that a lot of you are being asked to be at many different things: come to this camp and that camp, just keep in mind that your High School team should have precedence. Also, be mindful of how many games your daughters have played this winter, spring, and now June fast approaching. Playing a lot of games is a good thing, however, they are more susceptible to injuries (especially ACL injuries) by playing so many games. Please be cautious and mindful when they tell you that they are tired or need a break; less stress on the body and rest can be a good thing.

As you all should know by now we are playing in the Midwest Explosion tournament in Cincinnati this weekend. As I’ve expressed before if you cannot come because of Mothers Day please let me know so that I can accommodate our teams. This is a gear up tournament for The Fort Wayne, Indiana tournament and the Midwest Showdown tournament (two outstanding tournaments with the some of the best teams from all over the country!)

 Lastly, we have provided you with information for some Elite camps take place on college campuses every year. If you are being recruited by a particular school or you have interest I encourage you to attend. It is always good to get on a campus and play in front of those coaches, also its important to communicate with those coaches.

Yours in Hoops,
Coach Toliver

Windy City Classic weekend

Hello All,

What a trip this past weekend, lots of driving and what about the tolls?! Ouch! There were lots of good programs from all over the country at this tournament, and all of our teams should have learned a lot about themselves as an individual and as a team. Due to the distance from one gym to the next and how spread out the tournament was I was unable to catch some of our teams play, however, I did once again get some positive feedback about our teams and program. Our teams continue to impress spectators by how hard our kids play and compete! People are amazed that we have only been together a few months. I love the fact that people are taking notice of our kids and program.

The Silver team lost in the championship game on Sunday finishing the weekend at 4-1 and the Purple lost in the Semi’s finishing at 2-2. The Junior team continues to impress with how they play so well together and how they continue to compete with whomever steps on the court with them. Our 8th graders played up for the first time this weekend and experienced some bumps and bruises but grew up a lot. The competition was at a high level in all age groups, and our program played well and turned some heads. The lessons learned from this weekend for all of our kids is to continue steadily improving and continue to evaluate themselves if they want to achieve and become better ball players. Winning a lot can sometimes give the kids a false sense of security and make them complacent in their learning. We all want to win and bring home the gold, but remember our mission is to learn, teach, and understand the game, while also becoming a better person. Lets continue to remember what is most important for all involved.

Shout out to the McGruder family from Chicago for coming and supporting our teams and being cheerful and loud! Our girls along with Shai’s family did the team chant together in a packed gym and believe me all heads were on our court after our game! I would like to give a another big shout out to all the parents that do the team scorebooks and to those who stay around and support the other teams in our program. Definitely means a lot and shows how unified we are as We Got Next Family! Until next time..

Yours in HOOPS,
Coach T

CHAMPIONS!!!!!!!! – Cincy Finest Invitational

Greetings All,

CHAMPIONS!! That one word describes what we all are within the program. Our 8th grade team brought the 1st Championship Trophy home to Dayton and to our program. Our babies battled for four quarters with a very good team in SMAC Basketball Club out of Cleveland. What an exciting game to watch and help Coach Threats coach her team to a monumental victory. The kids gave it their all and played at a high level. The 8th grade parents were there in full support along with some of their family members who came to support our girls. I really was elated to see other parents and players from our program stay and support our team, even though their teams were done for the day. Special shout out to Coop for her play, her relentless effort changed the entire complexity of the game. Thanks to Mr. Powell for his due diligence in videoing all the games for our 8th graders.

The Silver team and the Juniors battled it out Sunday afternoon for a clash of two We Got Next teams. We took center stage and both teams did not disappoint the crowd that watched the game. The Silver pulled out a close victory, but our Junior team is steadily improving and competing every game. Coach Danielle Lewis and Coach Shatila Smith are doing a great job with these young ladies, I love how they compete. The most invigorating moment was after the game with the Silver, Purple, and Junior team along with coaches at center court did our program chant.. We absolutely loved it!! Photos coming.

I personally like to keep encouraging all of our young ladies to keep striving for greatness and never get discouraged at the outcome of the scoreboard at times. Every last one of you young ladies are improving each and everyday which is more important. I have been able to watch everyone play and yes all have improved since opening day of our program.

Lets work hard to improve this week, big exposure event in Chicago this weekend. Please all have safe travels on the highway. See you in Chi-town…

Yours In Hoops,

Coach Toliver

1st Tourney Weekend complete! – North Coast Cup

 Greetings All,

The opening weekend for our program was phenomenal to say the least. I enjoyed watching our players and parents cheering for one another, our coaches coaching the kids up, and the teams playing hard. I thought all of our teams played hard and competed to the best of their abilities. Although some teams experienced more wins then others, the bottom line is your daughter is getting better and working their tails off.

Special shout out to the “Team Moms” for washing uniforms and ordering pizzas for our teams. I would also like to thank those parents who provided transportation for those who needed rides to and from locations, truly appreciate you guys for that.

I personally received plenty of praises from other parents, coaches, and Coach Mac who ran the event, on how much talent we have in our program and very surprised that in our first year that we already have five teams. Numerous people were curious as to where we were from and how did we put this talent together so fast!! Lets continue to represent the Dayton area with class and respect, as you all know our program is on center stage especially in Ohio.

Special thanks to Taj Thompson for being the spiritual leader of all the teams and spear heading the new chant and catch phrase for the program. The girls really enjoy the pregame chant, other teams took notice. We will have t-shirts made up with the chant on the back of the shirts. Special thank you to John Rowland (Jada’s Dad) for being the official photographer of the program.

Yours In Hoops,

Coach Toliver

“WGNBC announcing partnership with Under Armour!”

WGNBC announcing partnership with Under Armour!


IT’S OFFICIAL! WE GOT NEXT BASKETBALL CLUB is is now an affiliate of Under Armour Elite Grassroots Girls Basketball! We are thrilled to have been selected as one of the newest members of the grassroots family. Under Amour has a growing interest in being involved in the grassroots basketball world and that makes their interest in programs with up and coming talent in their pipeline intriguing…..WE GOT NEXT BASKETBALL CLUB!

WGNBC looks forward to building and nurturing a relationship with the company. According to Premier Team Network and Under Armour: “Our institutional focus will be on affiliating with organizations that are committed to the development of prospective student athletes and giving them the most opportunities to play at the next level”

With this new affiliation taking place with Under Armour, we have made some slight CHANGES to our Schedule so check it out!

thumbs up smiley face

We are very excited to be affiliated with Under Armour

and know this is a rare and great opportunity for our club

in our inaugural season! This is just the beginning for


so stay tuned!!!

Middle School Tryouts

 If you are still interested in being on one of our teams and missed our tryouts please contact us 



Tryouts pic

Middle School Tryouts are now COMPLETE!

Thank you to all those who had an interest in our program and participated in our tryouts!