Windy City Classic weekend

Hello All,

What a trip this past weekend, lots of driving and what about the tolls?! Ouch! There were lots of good programs from all over the country at this tournament, and all of our teams should have learned a lot about themselves as an individual and as a team. Due to the distance from one gym to the next and how spread out the tournament was I was unable to catch some of our teams play, however, I did once again get some positive feedback about our teams and program. Our teams continue to impress spectators by how hard our kids play and compete! People are amazed that we have only been together a few months. I love the fact that people are taking notice of our kids and program.

The Silver team lost in the championship game on Sunday finishing the weekend at 4-1 and the Purple lost in the Semi’s finishing at 2-2. The Junior team continues to impress with how they play so well together and how they continue to compete with whomever steps on the court with them. Our 8th graders played up for the first time this weekend and experienced some bumps and bruises but grew up a lot. The competition was at a high level in all age groups, and our program played well and turned some heads. The lessons learned from this weekend for all of our kids is to continue steadily improving and continue to evaluate themselves if they want to achieve and become better ball players. Winning a lot can sometimes give the kids a false sense of security and make them complacent in their learning. We all want to win and bring home the gold, but remember our mission is to learn, teach, and understand the game, while also becoming a better person. Lets continue to remember what is most important for all involved.

Shout out to the McGruder family from Chicago for coming and supporting our teams and being cheerful and loud! Our girls along with Shai’s family did the team chant together in a packed gym and believe me all heads were on our court after our game! I would like to give a another big shout out to all the parents that do the team scorebooks and to those who stay around and support the other teams in our program. Definitely means a lot and shows how unified we are as We Got Next Family! Until next time..

Yours in HOOPS,
Coach T